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Our probate specialists can guide you through all of the tasks involved in probate and estate administration, including closing accounts, documentation and searching for assets and liabilities. Whether it’s locating the will or closing mom’s Facebook account, we are here to help.


Probate Workshops

Join Jenn Evans for online Lunch-and-Learns every other Monday on Facebook Live. Jenn will answer your questions live, and help you troubleshoot tricky probate issues. We also host in-person events throughout Virginia. Live or online, Jenn has extensive experience in complicated estate issues.

  • Challenging family dynamics and communication
  • How to fairly divide an inheritance
  • Avoiding common errors in filing the final accounting
  • When to invest in an attorney
  • Check the listings below to register, or to sign up to receive a recording after the event.
Jenn Evans | Legacy Navigator

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Other Resources

Our popular After a Death checklist guides you through the difficult time after a death. This checklist will keep you on track with important tasks that must be completed right away.

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You might be surprised to know that 20 death certificates may not be enough. Download our list of where to send them so you don’t overlook a critical notification.

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You are not alone during probate! Our blog offers help and support, especially for navigating family dynamics and your own emotions.

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